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To complete my range of instruments, I am now offering mandolas and octave mandolins. (These instruments are also often referred to as tenor and octave mandolas).

Each instrument is custom built to your preferred specification, including important and personal preferences such as the nut width and scale length.

High quality Schaller tuners and my own hand-made tailpiece are fitted as standard. These instruments are finished in an open-pour shellac satin finish but French polishing can be offered as an optional extra. Other optional extras include Headway under-saddle transducers.

Prices (excluding case and delivery):

Mandolas from 850 GBP

Octave mandolins from 980 GBP

Please think of the instruments pictured here, as a starting point for a discussion about your ideal mandola or octave mandolin.

If you'd like any further information about my mandolins please give me a call on +44 (0)1945 587236 or e-mail info@navaguitars.co.uk

Standard I Standard IV customised tailpiece/cedar top Quilted Maple back & sides Koa back & sides Mahognay & maple back & neckbeautiful woods throughout Koa back Golden age tuners